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I recently had my first taste of an ‘Experience Gift’, having heard so much positive feedback from friends and family on these gifts; I was excited to see what lay ahead. The evening began at one of Irelands leading cookery schools where we were all introduced to a team of highly skilled chefs and hugely entertaining individuals. We were each presented with a recipe booklet of seemingly impossible meals but to our amazement; we had heard of all the ingredients and astoundingly had the majority of them in our cupboards.

Cooking for Friends One Week Course Now Reduced!

Following a demonstration where the ingredients were introduced and the marinades were prepared and we got down to work. Our group consisted of 26 eager colleagues, each sure they would be the next Gordon Ramsey or Marco Pierre. We were involved in everything from baking the naan bread, chopping the veg to barbequing the seabass in the courtyard. We were treated to amazing mojitos and some fantastic wines with fresh juices for the drivers among us which added to the atmosphere.

Nothing was left to chance and plenty of ‘chefs secrets’ were shared ensuring we would all leave well able to put on a dinner party which would rival that of Heston Blumenthal. The evening ended with a 3 course sit down meal of the food we prepared which was much more enjoyable than your average evening dinner, when we had been involved from start to finish. We all relaxed with tasty fruit tartlets (which also were simple to bake) and I can safely say everyone had a tremendous time.

Would an ‘Experience Gift’ have been top of my mind when choosing a gift? Probably not. But having had the experience with my colleagues, I can safely say I am converted and friends and family can all expect them over the coming months! I personally would have thought a gift voucher would be taking the easy way out, but with the range available, there is plenty more thought put into choosing the right one where great memories are sure to be made!

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