Find the 52 Hidden Rom-Coms

A recent study has shown that watching rom-coms with your partner might just save your marriage! A study conducted by the University of Rochester found that discussing and watching movies about relationships every month could cut the three year divorce rate for newlyweds in half.

As Valentines Day fast approaches us, Gifts Direct have created a master collage of rom-coms for you to find. Hidden within it are 52 famous romantic films, old and new. Sit down with your partner and solve the puzzle and be sure to share a Platinum Wedding Anniversary together.

See how many you can find and we’ll reveal the 52 rom-coms before Valentines Day. Good luck!


See the answers below:


1.       Pretty Women
2.       The notebook
3.       Titanic
4.       The bodyguards
5.       Man following the storm
6.       Love story
7.       Moulin Rouge
8.       Notting Hill
9.       Dirty Dancing
10.   The Holiday
11.   P.S. I love you
12.   Love actually
13.   Amelie
14.   Four weddings and a funeral
15.   Singing the rain
16.   Romeo and Juliet
17.   Breakfast at Tiffany’s
18.   The English patient
19.   The apartment
20.   BrokebackMountain
21.   Twilight
22.   Sleepless in Seattle
23.   Message in a bottle
24.   Grease
25.   Slumdog Millionaire
26.   Benjamin Button
27.   PearlHarbour
28.   The proposal
29.   Bridget Jones Diary
30.   Ghost
31.   Fool’s gold
32.   Clamaty Jane
33.   Casablanca
34.   Lady and Tramp
35.   Officer and a gentleman
36.   Sex and the city
37.   Pretty in pink
38.   Knocked up
39.   Beauty and beast
40.   Sleeping beauty
41.   Westside story
42.   American in Paris
43.   Splash
44.   You’ve got mail
45.   Sound of music
46.   Roman holiday
47.   Moon struck
48.   Tin cup
49.   Up
50.   The tourist
51.   San Valentine’s day
52.   Forest Gump

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