Our Top 7 Worldwide Irish Bars for Paddy’s Day

We’re quite fond of occupying our own bars during Saint Patrick’s Day and even fonder of occupying Irish bars over sees. We take a look at some of the best Irish bars worldwide to spend Saint Patrick’s Day in this year.


7. O’Malley’s Liquor Kitchen, Addison, Chicago

Right across the road from Wrigleyville stadium, O’Malley’s is definitely one of the pubs we would like to be sat in for Paddy’s Day. Filled with Irish and folk from far and wide this place never produces a dull night, especially with the offers shown below. 



6. Jordans Irish Pub, Koh Phi Phi

Set in the centre of the paradise that is Phi Phi Island in Thailand, Jordan’s kicks off every night before the fire shows on the beach. Although not the cleanest of places, it makes up for it with the atmosphere and décor. On every wall and ceiling are chalk writings from fellow visitors along side GAA county jerseys and Ireland soccer jerseys.  A great place to enjoy a bucket or a Chang beer on St Patrick’s Day, maybe stay clear of the Guinness here!


5. The Derby Irish Pub, Arinsal, Andorra

 If your’e lucky enough for the ski season to last until March this year enjoy a well earned Après Ski drink in the Derby which will quickly lead to Jager shots and karaoke and bring you to the middle of the night whilst still in your ski boots. A bar that promises great craic from afternoon on-wards! 



 4. Rosie O’Grady’s, Perth

Set in the heart of Perth’s entertainment district, Rosie O’Grady’s was one of Perth’s first Irish bars to cater for the masses of Irish and continues to hold large masses every night! If you want to be one of the lucky one’s in here for St. Patrick’s Day, expect an early morning que!



 3. Rocky O’Reilly’s, Praque

 Praque’s biggest Irish bar that still manages to pack itself to the brim. A great place for Saint Patrick’s Day, enjoy green beer,  every possible match you want to watch on what seems like hundreds of screens and an all round great atmosphere in the Czech capital.


2. Tir Na Nog Bar, Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

 If you’re one of the lucky people to has made it as far as Gili T, you won’t have missed Tir Na Nog Irish Bar. Enjoy amazing food, great atmosphere and excellent music as you look down onto the beach. Beware on your walk home to dodge the horse and carriages, the Island’s only form of transport.  An all round great spot to spend your Paddy’s Day!



1. The Irish Village, Dubai

As more and more people move over to the emirates, the Irish have of course got their paws on a bar and made their own turf. One of the few places in Dubai where the Irish can well, behave like Irish and get away with it. A great spot to spend Saint Patrick’s day and watch the Burj al Arab hotel go green to celebrate the occasion. 



For friends and family occupying these great locations this year, send them a Paddy’s Day gift and remind them to come home next year because lets face it, you cant beat the real Irish bars! 

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