40 Signs you were Raised in an Irish Household

Mother’s Day falls on Sunday 30th March. Whether you’re at home or abroad from your Mother this year we’ve taken note of the different signs and traits you will be oh so familiar with that are truly distinct to Irish mammies and growing up in an Irish household.


1. You weren’t allowed to use the good front room




2. Your Mother’s licked thumb cleaning the dirt of your face was your pet peeve


3. Second to that was not being fully in control of the trolley


4. You fear the wooden spoon




5. Leaving the immersion on was one of the biggest crimes you could commit.


6. Banging doors was probably the second worst


7. Flat 7up was given to you when you were ill




8. If that didn’t work, try rubbing sudacream or Vaseline on it


9. There is a patron saint to pray to for any problem



10. Most of your food was boiled




11. You are called every name in the house before your own


12. You are not allowed swear but your Mother is


13. The sun came out, factor 50 came on leaving you looking like a ghost for the rest of the day




14. The craic was always in the tiny cramped kitchen and not the spacious living room


15. Funerals turned into the biggest sessions, providing the person lived to a good age


16. There is a difference when you are asked are you going out or *out* out


17. You spent days in the pub with your parents sipping cideona from the bottle with a straw munching on bacon fries.




18. Your life flashed in front of your eyes whilst losing sight of your Mother in the local supermarket


19. You fear your Mother  more than your Father


20. You have a mad Auntie


21. The same cassette was played on repeat in your Mother’s car




22. It was ok for your second cousin’s auntie in law’s brother’s friend to stay with you as they were family


23. The tooth fairy, the Easter bunny and Santa all visited your house


24. The family pet was just as much part of your family as you were yourself




25. You forged your Mother’s signature pretty well


26. You were constantly told that the biscuits are for the visitors



27. Your jeans were truly vintage and unisex, passing their way down through the whole family


28. Sheets & Towels were kept in the hot-press


29. You lit a candle every time you went to mass




30. Father Ted was enjoyed by all the family


31. Your mother’s scowl was enough to stop any sort of messing


32. Drying the dishes was the worst task in cleaning up after dinner




33. The youngest sibling was always spoilt


34. The guests must have breakfast before leaving



35. Your new hair cut was “different” according to your Mother


36. A hot water bottle often surprised you in your bed on cold nights




37. Your mother is the greatest sports spectator; she could nearly jump onto the pitch through the telly.


38. Your mother loves your freckles, you do not


39. The best part of the Eurovision is finding out how many points the UK has given Ireland


40. There’s a difference between rain and wet rain




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