The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

Dads are difficult to buy for at the best of times. We resort back to the aul reliables; socks and books topping the charts. We’ve made things a little easier for you this year categorising Dads into 8 groups, from the household husband to the techy dad to the fashionable father. Find which group your Father fits into and be inspired what to buy your Dad this Father’s Day. Because you can only buy one man so many socks… 


8. The Fashionable Father

If your Dad is a bit of a fashionista treat him to some stylish cuff-links to complete his dapper shirt, it’s the little things that matter and a must have men’s fashion accessory. Or what about a sleek new watch? No man should be without one. See all cuff-links and watches here >>


7. The Househusband

The SAHDs (Stay at Home Dads) are forever rising in today’s culture. Taking on the household chores that before no man ever dared to challenge. Help your dad out and send him for some cookery classes for a true gift that keeps on giving every dinner time! See all cookery classes here >> 


6. The Techy Dad

What man doesn’t love a good gadget? See all gadgets here >>


5. The Sporty Dad

Is your dad a bit of a jock at heart? Try one of our great sporty days out! For the Grand Prix lovers try out the Hovercraft Grand-Prix Driving or how about a thrilling quad biking day. Golf is another great pastime, any father knows that. Treat your father to his very own private golf lesson with a PGA professional. Days out that are sure to keep your aul fella in his element! See all our sporting experience gifts here >>


4. The Adrenaline Junky

Forever living on the edge, looking for exciting thrills in life? Treat him to a once in a life time flying experience. Captain Dad will pilot a plain and soar the skies 2000 feet above alongside a qualified pilot. An unforgettable experience! See all flying gift experiences here >>


3. The Sentimental Father

He’s not afraid to shed a tear and loves any excuse for a catch up! Add to this emotional roller-coaster that is your Father this year and treat him to something truly special, an unforgettable keepsake gift personalised uniquely for him. See all personalised gifts here >>


2. The Chilled out Dad

Your pal dad, chilled, relaxed, calm… Curfew? What’s that?

Treat your mate dad to the relaxing pampering he deserves…


1. The Whiskey & Wine Connoisseur

Enjoys the finer things in life. Cheese, crackers and a bottle of red? Lovely!! See all wine and whiskey gifts here >>



Treat your Dad to a superb gift this Father’s Day, because if you’re lucky he’ll hand it down to you one day. Browse through our extensive gift range here >>

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