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9 gift ideas to make you the perfect wedding guest

Wedding season is upon us! With so many do’s to go to, it’s hard to come up with thoughtful gift ideas that aren’t totally dull. Money isn’t always appropriate and couples are unlikely to be thrilled with old-school towels and toasters. But don’t fear, our gifts with a twist are sure to win smiles from your favourite brides and grooms.

1. Thinking champagne? Make it personal

Blog 1 - champagne

Champagne is a perfect gift – who doesn’t like it?! Don’t take our word for it: “Perfect pressie”, says Marie.

But champagne alone can seem a little impersonal. Not to fear, our gift packages add a thoughtful twist that will allow your gift to stand out in a crowd. Two personalised champagne flutes ensure your gift will endure long after the last drop has been drunk.

2. Another way to pop your cork

Blog 2 - wine cooler

This quirky wine cooler is a nice little extra for a champagne gift. Cool and unexpected, it will continue to surprise when shared with guests in the married years ahead.

3. Say it with cartoons

Blog 3 - other cartoon dish

Help your hosts see themselves in a new light with a cartoon memento capturing them on the big day.

4. Box it up

Blog 4 - crate

As well as looking cute, these customised crates can be filled with all the little things you know the bride and groom love.

5. Bride and groom bog buddies

Blog 6 - bog buddies

Few brides and grooms will have seen anything like our bog buddies. A cute addition to the newly-married home, they are especially appropriate for the bride and groom with a country connection.

6. Something to remember

Blog 7 - ogham

Brides and grooms are often so busy rushing around they don’t always have time to save mementos of the day itself. This hand-painted Ogham sign is personalised with names and dates, helping the couple to remember your thoughtful contribution to the day.

7. Something beautiful

Blog 8 - Louis Mulcahy lamp

After borrowed and blue, a beautiful gift is something every bride and groom wants to receive on their wedding day. Unlike the towels and toasters of old, ceramics like this lamp by Louis Mulcahy are a tasteful treasure for the newly-married home.

8. Get flying

A gift voucher is a great choice for the couple who has everything. Guide them in a good direction and then let them choose themselves.

9. If it must be money …

Blog post 9

Sometimes brides and grooms request money. You can still be the perfect wedding guest by presenting your gift in a quirky way.


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