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6 Gifts to Make your Child Teacher’s Pet

School’s out for summer – well, almost! There’s just enough time to pick out a special gift to reward the kind soul who has been encouraging and educating your children all year. So make your kid teacher’s pet by sending them to school with something teacher will really like. Here’s our teacher-with-a-twist last-minute gift guide:

1. A Sweeeet Gift

Teachers have sweet tooths too! Make them feel like one of the kids with our nostalgic and quirky Jelly Bean Factory hamper

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2. Thanks a ‘Latte’

Did you know – teachers actually find mornings tough?! Get them through the end of year rush with an extra caffeine injection every not quite a morning person will love.

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3. For a Teacher with Pretty Taste

These Belleek Floral Spray earrings are made by one of Ireland’s best brands. At the bargain price of €22, they look way more expensive than they are. Sure to add a touch of summer to an extra special teacher’s outfits.

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4. Get crafty

Teacher will appreciate any parent’s thoughtful use of the make-and-do kit. This homemade card is a perfect heartfelt thank you. And the only tools you need to get all those kudos are your own child and some chalk. The tear it will bring to a jaded eye is totally worth an art hour.

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5. Vase made for Teacher

What is this? It’s a vase! Here’s a gift you can outsource to the little ones. Teacher will appreciate the hard work of little hands – and Mum and Dad’s cool idea.  This old school vase is a quirky piece of the classroom they’ll be delighted to take home at end of term.

Blog 3 - Vase

6. Flowers that grow and grow

These beautiful orchids are a meaningful gift for a teacher who has spent all year helping your children grow. Unlike a standard bouquet (which teacher is sure to receive anyway), these flowers will continue to flourish long after summer has begun, a daily reminder of your appreciation.

Blog 2 - orchids

There it is, our guide to slightly different gift ideas for teachers who are worth a little extra thought.

And if you’re not quite ready by end of term, we deliver! You have lots of time to remember your child’s favourite teacher. Still stuck for ideas? Get lots more inspirion at

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