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Order the perfect flowers for any occasion

Flowers are usually the go-to gift for many occasions, but are you aware that different flowers hold different meanings? has a flower for every occasion and delivers to where ever you would like! Whether you’d like to deliver them yourself or have them dropped to the door we can offer you the finest of services.

Here are some important occasions where flowers would make the ideal gift:


Weddings are often one of the biggest days of a person’s life; it is the day when two people commit to spending the rest of their lives with each other. Many who have married or who are planning a wedding will be more than aware that flowers play an essential part; therefore we have come up with a few recommendations:

    •  Don’t follow the crowd, pick the flowers that you love and that depict your personality and taste.
    •  Although it is entirely up to you, seasonal flowers often work the best. Pale, delicate and subtle flowers in spring and dark, rich colours for autumn. This in some cases makes life easier as they will be blooming at that time.
    •  Be creative and make your own bouquet, it can be a lot cheaper and makes things a little more personal!

Rather than spending days in a florist trying to decide which flower works best, take a look at what we have on offer and you won’t be disappointed!

wedding flowers

Pure bliss white arrangement €39.99


There are different flowers to represent different anniversaries; however we recommend you chose the flower for them that they love or that suits them. Don’t feel obligated to buy certain flowers because it is considered the norm. The person you’re buying for may appreciate the fact that you put more thought in!

Here is a list of what flowers are assigned to each anniversary for those of you interested and it may make your life a little bit easier when deciding!

  •  5 Year – Daisy
  •  10 Year – Daffodil
  •  15 Year – Rose
  •  20 Year – Aster
  •  25 Year  – Iris
  •  30 Year – Lily

With the abundance of selection on our website you’re sure to find one to suit your needs.

dozen red roses

A dozen grand prix roses with chocolates €89.99


There are a few factors to take in to consideration when purchasing flowers for a birthday, it’s important to bear in mind the individual’s personality, your relationship to that person ad also your budget! Flowers are expensive so before you splash the cash make sure they’ll really appreciate your gift. If you want to keep things plain and simple here’s a list of flowers that are significant to each month:

Birthday flowers

A Date:

Dating can be incredibly nerve wrecking and it’s so hard to know what to expect, what to wear and where to go. Flowers on a date usually fall in to the responsibility of the man and it’s hard even then to know whether they are customary or optional. There are no formal rules regarding when it’s most appropriate to give flowers when dating but whether it be the first or fifth date they will almost always be appreciated. A colourful display of a mixture of different flowers is recommended for a first date!

date flowers

Colourful surprise fresh flower arrangement €39.99

Get Well:

Flowers are always a great way to cheer someone up when they’re unwell. Adding a bit of color and beauty in to your life is always a welcomed addition.  However, there are a few key notes to consider before buying. If the person you are buying for is in hospital, a wise choice to make is to give them flowers with a very subtle scent if any at all so as not to disturb anyone else who may not like it. If the individual is at home feel free to buy as you please regarding you know what they like!

get well flowers

Creating a smile orange and pink bouquet €39.99

These vibrant colors are sure to bring a smile to someone’s face!


When sending your condolences no words nor gifts can ease the pain for the receiver, however, knowing that people are there and care for them can make a huge difference. Flowers are and always will be appreciated and are a beautiful gesture. If you are unaware about what flowers to send on such an occasion we have a selection of delicate and gentle wreaths and sprays perfect for such a sensitive time.

sympathy flowers

Yellow, white and blue sympathy spray €79.99

Thank You:

If someone has done something particularly special and nice just for you then there is no better way to thank them than with a fabulous bouquet of flowers. We have bouquets ranging from all different prices that can suit all budgets. Make life simple for yourself and have them delivered directly to their door so that you are sending a gift and a surprise!

thank you flowers

White Lily arrangement with vase €40.00

Because why not?:

There doesn’t always have to be an occasion or event to send someone flowers, you can make them even happier by randomly surprising them on just a normal day. With the click of a button you can arrange to make someone’s ordinary day extraordinary and earn yourself a place in their good books for at least a few months. They do say it’s the little things that count so why not be spontaneous and surprise the people you care about!

random flowers

Luxury Roses and Lilies with chocolates €44.99

All the flowers featured in this blog are available on along with numerous others, so if you’re feeling particularly generous take a look and see what flowers you should buy for the next big special occasion.

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