From Dublin to Everywhere: 6 of the top Irish pubs serving Guinness abroad.

Guinness is Ireland’s most famous alcoholic beverage and we are more than aware that we are spoilt by its taste here in its home country. When travelling abroad there is a distinctive difference in the taste and it never seems to be as good as what we’re used to. An experiment taken out by a 4 man team of international scientists  tested to see if its true that the Dublin based brewery produces Guinness better than any other or if it is just a myth, and after tasting some of the finest Guinness around in over 14 countries  and with 103 different pints, they came to the conclusion that it does in fact taste better here in its homeland.

However that is not to say that it tastes awful everywhere else and we’ve gathered together a list of places around the world where you’re bound to fine some excellent pints!

1. Bubbles O’Learys, Kampala, Uganda.

This pub is 100% authentically Irish having been dismantled in Drogheda and shipped and reconstructed in Kampala by the same men who dismantled it. Considering the entire building is Irish you’re sure enough to find a decent pint of the black stuff in the scorching 30+ degree weather.

bubbles o leary

2.  O’Reilly’s, Brussels, Belgium

O’Reilly’s Irish Pub is situated in the heart of the city and very close to the La Grand Palace. This typical Irish pub serves food and drink all day long along with live music and all the major sporting events. It prides itself on serving Guinness for over 20 years giving them plenty of practice to pour the perfect pint!

oreillys brussels

3. Healy Mac’s, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Healy Mac’s is an Irish family owned Pub in the centre of Malaysia’s capital city Kuala Lumpur. This Irish pub has been voted the “best Irish put outside of Ireland” and a Trip Advisor “Certificate of Excellence” winner in 2014 and 2015. This Irish Pub is now well known in the Malaysian city and attracts both locals and tourists. As it is Irish owned and run you’re sure to find a great pint of Guinness and a lot of craic to go with it!


 4. The Drunken Poet, Melbourne, Australia.

This small and cosy Irish pub prides itself on its standard of Guinness and Irish whiskey attracting ex-pats from all over the country to taste a little piece of home whilst they are so far away. Australia in recent years has seen an influx of Irish in search of work which has led to a huge market for top quality Irish pubs.

drunken poet

5. Auld Shillelagh, London, United Kingdom.

Just a short hop, skip and jump across the Irish Sea and you’ve arrived in London. This tiny pub is home to what some may consider as England’s greatest suppliers of Guinness and it is not uncommon to see it flooded with happy Irish men singing and watching the GAA. You’ll feel very at home here when visiting the capital city as the Auld Shillelagh is as Irish as you’ll get in the UK.


6. Le Chéile, NYC,United States.

If in NYC and craving a pint of the black stuff the Le Chéile is where you should go. Having received a 100% review score on bestguinnessnyc.com it is with no surprise that the pints here are of top quality and taste. With the amount of ex-pats and American-Irish citizens living in New York, the demand for Guinness is very high and in Le Chéile the Guinness tap is always running ensuring you get the freshest pint around.


Although we all know perfectly well that you cannot find Guinness anywhere across the world as delicious as you’ll find in Ireland, we hope that these don’t totally disappoint and that you get to try them out as some stage on your travels! Check out our website GiftsDirect.com to see some of the gifts and hampers we have available to send to your loved ones who are living abroad or travelling for the next while and send them a pleasant surprise!

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