Ideas for organizing a baby shower

Organizing your baby shower can be very exciting and also a great distraction to keep you motivated towards the end of your pregnancy. Here are some factors to take in to consideration when organizing your baby shower.


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1. Recruit some help!

If you decide to organize your own baby shower then make sure you have a lot of help! There’s a lot of work that goes in to a baby shower and it makes it more enjoyable when you don’t have to stress about the little things. Get a close relative or friend to work alongside you on this and allow them to do all the “not-so-fun” jobs.  At the end of the day everyone will be there to celebrate you so you don’t want to have to worry about hosting. Try and host it either in a friend/family house or rent somewhere, the last thing you want is to have to clean the house top-to-bottom before and after the party. However, if you do chose to have it at home ask your guests to stay behind and help you tidy up, chances are they will offer anyways!


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2. When to hold your party

There’s no bad time to host your baby shower once you are actually expecting! A lot of mums choose to wait until later in the pregnancy as they are sure all is good with the baby. Also by then you will have a bump on show which makes the day more “real”. If you choose to have it after birth that’s fine also and it allows guests to buy gender specific outfits if they hadn’t already known.


3. Invitations

There are a few different types of ways to send out your invites. If you choose to send your own invitations you have a few decisions to make. Firstly, decide whether you want to post out the invitations or send them via Facebook or e-vite. Facebook is probably the easiest and most efficient way and it also allows people to RSVP rapidly. However, there’s something special about getting an invitation in the post and it allows people to hold on to them if they please. It also allows you to be a little more creative and for those of you who are very artistic you can create your own invitations from scratch. If a friend or family member are in charge of your invitations make sure to sit down with them in advance and give them the contact details for everyone you’d like to invite. And make sure to include your theme on the invite if you have one!

baby invites

4. Theme

Not all baby showers have themes but a lot do and it can make the whole day a little bit more personalized and exciting.  A lot of people chose a colored theme e.g. Pink and White if it’s a girl or Blue and White for a boy. If you do choose to have a theme then you can arrange to have all your decorations, food, games and goodie bags match the theme. This can make decision making a lot easier, however, it does cut down options.

blue and white

5. Games

Anyone who has or hasn’t been to a baby shower will know that there are almost always games involved. Here are a few fun games that you can use for your baby shower!

  • Mommy/Daddy knows best:

This is a great game for a co-ed shower. Before the shower, ask the mom- or dad-to-be a series of questions about babies and write them down. (Again, give the mom or dad a heads up that it’s for a shower game.)

Say the mom-to-be answered the questions. At the shower, explain to all the guests what you’ve done, and tell the dad-to-be he needs to guess how his partner answered each question. The other guests have to guess how many of her answers he’ll predict correctly; whoever ends up closest wins a prize.

After the dad-to-be guesses how the expectant mom answered a question, reveal the answer. You can have the guests take turns playing emcee, too.

  • Then and Now

This is a great game for posterity. Ask the grandparents-to-be to tell you what the expecting parents were like as babies. Include vital statistics, like date and time of birth, height, weight, and first word. It can also be entertaining to ask for adorable quotes or embarrassing stories from the toddler years (but not too embarrassing)!

Based on that information, make up a quiz about the future parents to give your guests. You can have the guests play in pairs or teams if you like. Whoever answers the most questions correctly wins a prize.

  • Words of Encouragement

Buy blank stationery cards and individual envelopes, or cut heavy paper into cards and put all the cards into one big envelope. Ask each guest to take a card and write down some encouraging words – maybe something that kept her going when she felt overwhelmed as a new mom, or some great advice that perked her up when she needed it. The mom-to-be can either read the cards at the end of the shower or save them for when she needs a boost.

baby shower games

6. Food and drinks

An essential part to every party has to be the food and drinks. Either you hire a caterer for the job or ask for some help off friends and family, either way food is crucial! Depending on the time of day you may have a breakfast shower or afternoon shower and the type of food may vary slightly. Champagne is always involved especially considering it is a time for celebration even if the mother isn’t drinking it doesn’t mean no one else can! Have a substitute though as you don’t want to feel left out. There are plenty of pages online recommending different food ideas for a showers but here is one we found to cover all options! Click Here!


These are only a few suggestions and there are many more personal touches that could be included however these cover the basics. If you are going to or organising a baby shower for someone else and are unsure about what to buy make sure to take a look and some of our beautiful and unique baby gifts on GiftsDirect.com and make it more special with one of our personalised baby gifts.


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