5 things Irish expats love

There are thousands if not millions of Irish expats living around the world, all of whom pretty much agree on the things they love the most in regards to Ireland and being an Irish expat. Although these points are very general we doubt any expat will disagree. Here at we can help bring happiness to any expat all around the world with some of our amazing gifts and hampers!

Here is our list of 5 things Irish expats love:

1. Food from home

There’s not much better than a home cooked meal and even when you try to replicate the same meal abroad it’s never quite the same. One thing we know for certain is that anytime someone is visiting home it’s always the food the talk about. Things like “oh I’ve missed this” or “you know they don’t sell this over there?” can often be heard.  No matter where you are living be it France or China you can’t beat some traditional mash potatoes!

cottage pie

2. Care packages

It can often get lonely whilst living abroad especially if you’re on your own, so it really can make your day to arrive home to some of your favourite treats and products sent directly from friends and family at home. These don’t come too often either as it’s pricey to post so any expat will know how special these are. Waking up and being able to pour a hot cup of Barry’s tea can really brighten up your day!

irish hamper


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3. Weather

Ireland is famous for its truly rubbish weather, it’s a place where mother nature decides she’s doesn’t want seasons and allows the sun to shine for about 5% of the year. Our pale skin may be recognised as “Irish beauty” around the world but that doesn’t compensate for our lack of vitamin D and tendency to go from pale to red in .5 seconds. This however means that the Irish know how to appreciate the sun and one thing all expats love. They may complain that it can get too hot sometimes depending where they are but there’s no hope they would swap back.

rain in irish summer

4. Exploring a new culture

Ireland is a tiny island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, with the horrific weather is comes as no surprise that Irish people love to travel. There are over 80 million people worldwide who claim to be of Irish decent meaning there have been millions of emigrants throughout the years. Travelling is basically in our DNA at this stage and expats will also tell you how much they love to explore and discover new places and cultures.


5. Meeting new people

The Irish love to meet new people and form friendships. They also love to make connections with people from all nationalities, allowing them to stay with said friend when they travel to their home country. Its well-known that Irish people are very welcoming and often offer a place to stay in their home to a person they may have just met.

irish on beach

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