5 things you need to know about buying a wedding gift

Buying the perfect wedding gift is so difficult especially when you’re competing with so many others. Many couples chose to have a registry list or inform guests that they would prefer money over a gift which really cuts down the decision making process. But for those weddings that are particularly hard to buy for we’ve come up with 5 pointers that you really need to know!

1. You do not need to stick to the registry list.

The registry is a guide to allow guests to see what the couple really needs and wants and to make the buying process a lot more efficient. However, there is nothing to say that you cant chose to buy them something that isn’t on the list or even making the gift yourself. Most people will agree that it is the thought that counts and personalised gifts are always more memorable. Buying from the registry list is still great though, you’re buying exactly what the couple has asked for so you cant really go wrong!.


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2. When should you give the gift?

There’s no rule to say when you should give your gift, however, before the wedding is considered the norm. You should begin your search and buying process as soon as the invites are received. This allows you to look at the registry list and think about what you’d like to buy them. It also allows the couple time to take certain items from their list so others don’t buy the same gift. Its also customary not to bring the gift to the wedding and it should be sent to the couple in advance. We recommend the latest you send your gift would be a year after the wedding takes place otherwise you may forget and time just goes on and on.


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3. Are cash gifts ok?

Yes. Cash gifts are becoming more and more popular as it allows couples to spend it on the things they feel necessary. If you feel like you’d rather see your money go towards something in particular then a gift card is always an option allowing the couple to buy what they would like with the money you provided.


Gift vouchers 

4. When the gifts on the registry all exceed your price limit.

As mentioned previously the registry list is just an option for people to select from and see what the couples taste is. It does not mean you must buy from it. If you see something you feel the couple will love for a fraction of the price then by all means buy it! Better yet, DIY gifts are always popular and make he gift even more special without having to spend a minor fortune.


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5. Buying a gift with a group.

This can be a pretty tricky one. Depending on the number of people going in on the gift things can become complicated. If you are going in with others to buy a gift make sure you implement some ground rules like how much you are all contributing and who is in charge of purchase etc. This will clarify everything upfront and allow you to avoid and problems. Group gift giving has its perks as it allows you to save some money and buy a present that’s most likely worth quite a bit of money and something the couple will really appreciate.


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