4 amazing retirement gift ideas:

That time has finally come where the person you know or love has reached retirement age. After all those years of hard work and dedication they are finally able to go to bed on a Sunday night without having to set the alarm for the next day! Regardless of your relationship to the retiree you obviously respect and care for them or else you wouldn’t be here! So let’s check out some ideas for buying them that perfect retirement gift!

There are a few different directions one can take when buying a retirement gift and often its important to know what the tastes and interests are of the retiree. Here are a couple of different routes you can take when making your decision:

Experience gifts:

Nothing lasts longer than memories and it is often our memories that we cherish as our prized possessions. Bring your previous co-worker out for work, spoil your loved one with a weekend away or surprise a parent with that flying lesson they’ve always wanted. Experience’s stay with us forever so what better way to show your appreciation than by sharing an experience with someone?


1 hour lesson €99.00

Hobby gifts:

After working with someone for many years chances are you know their hobbies! If it’s your wife/husband or parent retiring then you most certainly know their hobbies! Buy them something you know they’ll really love and appreciate and spoil them on this momentous day. Now that they have an endless amount of time to focus on their hobbies this type of gift couldn’t be more appropriate. A golf lesson with a pro? A book to add to their never ending collection? Or even some gardening tools for that garden they are constantly tackling! There’s a huge choice of special gifts available to make retirement more exciting!

gold lessons

2 hour golf lesson with PGA Pro €109.00

Gift cards:

Whilst not as personal as a thoughtful gift, gift cards do carry significant value and allow the receiver to choose the gift they want and need. They may have been eyeing up something in particular for the past while but never really had the money to get it. Gift cards can help with this and who doesn’t love shopping without having to spend any money?


Wine and Spirits:

As a retiree one has a lot more time to enjoy their nights without having to worry about getting up and going to work the next morning. This means they can enjoy that extra glass of wine or whiskey after dinner or even go out to dinner on a weekday. A nice bottle of wine or spirit is always a good choice for a retirement gift and as you most likely know their personal favourite it’s doubtful they will be disappointed. We have numerous choices of wines and whiskeys to choose from on Giftsdirect.com that can be personalised to make your gift that little bit more special!

gf813ph_overlayWine and cheese hamper €54.99

Retirement is a major milestone in anyone’s life and it deserves to be celebrated. After all those years of hard work one can finally do all the things they never had time to do beforehand! Check out our website Giftsdirect.com and see all the retirement gifts we have on offer! There is something for everyone and anyone and all are high quality luxury gifts!

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