Fruit Terms and Conditions

  • You are responsible for providing correct daytime delivery address, local daytime telephone number and postal code. Our couriers will only call the number provided if direction is needed to the delivery address and not to arrange a delivery. In such circumstances, we will endeavour to rectify the situation as best as possible. However no refunds will be made in such circumstances.
  • In case of deliveries being made to Hospitals, Hotels, or Business addresses, it is the Sole responsibility of the sender to ensure that the recipient is available to accept the gift. Please note delivery may be accepted at receptions of the above locations as access may be limited.
  • Any additional charges/ costs incurred in the completion of a delivery (re delivery) due to incomplete original recipient information from the purchaser or the recipients being unable to accept the item in the time frame specified period will be liable for all related charges and costs.
  • The purchaser will also be charged for any items which have become unsuitable for sale and need replacing (perishable items such as fruit or flowers)
  • Any damage to the parcel or contents  must be reported within 7 days of recipiet of goods


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