6 of the best Whiskey Bars in Dublin

There is a long history of successful and high quality whiskey brands in Ireland and it is the personal favorite of a high percentage of the population. However, due to many misfortunes and missed opportunities Irish whiskey has lost its way over the past century with many of its distilleries  closing down and the success of Scotch especially in the American market leaving little room for growth for Irish Whiskey. Through some clever marketing techniques and a genuine effort made to re-grow the Irish Whiskey industry, Irish whiskey is now on the way up and its really great to see! Knowing how many Irish and non-Irish share a love for the tasty beverage we’ve compiled a list of the best places to try some authentic Irish Whiskey in Dublin. For whiskey lovers and not these bars are sure to impress.

1. The Palace Bar, Fleet St, Dublin

The Palace Bar was run by the Ryan family from 1900 until the widow Ryan sold it to Bill Aherne in 1946. With over 180 years in business the Palace bar has maintained it original Victorian décor and is a really lovely place to sit and enjoy your drink. The Palace Bar is a part of the Irish Whiskey Trail and they have a long history as a whiskey distributer. With over 110 different Whiskeys on offer including all the top Irish brands, the palace bar prides itself on being one of the top whiskey bars in Dublin and there’s no doubt that they are! With a strong knowledge of all brands you’re sure to be guided towards the right direction when choosing which one to try!

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2. The Whiskey Bar, 37 Dawson St, Dublin

Dublin’s 37 Dawson St is one of the city’s most popular cocktail and late bars and attracts people of all ages and tastes. Constantly oozing with the hustle and bustle of people enjoying some after work drinks or the laughter of friends meeting up dinner this bar is definitely a favourite among many. The whiskey bar is situated at the very back of the building and run by their in-house whiskey enthusiast Ron Black. With over 37 specially selected whiskeys on offer and served in a crystal glass you’re bound to endure a true whiskey tasting experience and there’s no doubt you will be satisfied.


3. L. Mulligan Grocer, Stoneybatter, Dublin

One of the very few pubs to not sell Guinness in Ireland, Mulligans sticks to its traditions and is one of the finest bistro pubs in the city. Whiles its exterior is very similar to many other traditional Irish pubs its interior has a very clever mix of traditional pub meets hipster bar. Using old books as menus and scrabble letters to spell out reserved signs this pub is very creative. They also have one of the largest selections of Whiskey from all over the world including Japanese, Swedish and Welsh Malts.


4. Bison Bar, Wellington Quay, Dublin

Far away from your traditional Irish bar is the ever so trendy Bison bar whose neighbours include the grungy Workman’s club and the exquisite Liqueur Rooms. With a Texan theme and some of Dublins finest BBQ Bison bar is an all-rounder and serves up some wicked whiskey sours. Their tasting mats add a little excitement to your whiskey tasting experience and allow you to try some of the world’s best whiskey.


5. 57 The Headline, Dublin

57 The Headline runs whiskey tasting evenings and offers tasting trays 7 days a week. They have an extensive menu and it is very clear that they have a strong passion for their drinks including whiskey with a lot of their menu dedicated towards information on the brands and types of whiskey available.


6.The Temple Bar, Dublin

The Temple bar is possibly Dublin’s most famous pub especially on international terms. It’s notorious for attracting massive amounts of tourists and also for upping the prices of drinks simply because they can. However, it is home to Ireland’s largest Whiskey collection with over 480 bottles of Irish whiskey, Scotch and Bourbon. Due to its extensive range of whiskeys not all have made it to the menu however don’t hesitate to ask the bar man because chances are they definitely have what you’re looking for!

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These are just some of the places selling top quality whiskey in Dublin and may introduce you to your new favorite place to drink in Dublin. If you’re not entirely keen on heading in to the city to experience your glass of whiskey then why not take a look at some of our whiskey offers online at and have it delivered directly to your door!

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