Brands & Suppliers


Established in 1849 in the village of Belleek, County Fermanagh, Ireland, the name Belleek has become synonymous with quality and Irish craftsmanship. When you purchase a piece of Belleek Irish China, you become the owner of a truly original piece, made using materials and techniques handed down from generation to generation making memorable gifts for any occasion.





Foxford is one of the last working mills in Ireland, it was founded by an Irish Sister of Charity in 1892 and overcame many challenges over the years in order to survive. Foxford works with master craftsman in a working mill that has survived for over one hundred years and produces some of the world’s finest weaves, using traditions passed down through generations.




Galway Crystal

Galway Irish Crystal has long been one of the world's best known and loved brands of traditionally crafted Irish lead crystal. Nestled in the heart of the West of Ireland on the shores of Galway Bay, Galway Irish Crystal is steeped in the rich and diverse heritage of this unique hinterland. There, master craftspeople are continuously inspired by the sheer beauty of the surrounding countryside - Connemara, Galway Bay and Lough Corrib - and influenced by the wealth of history and folklore which is synonymous with Galway, the famous City of the Tribes




Graham Knuttel

Graham Knuttel was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1954, of German and English parentage. Among his mother’s family were several noted architects and artists including Thomas Cooper Gotch who confounded the Newlyn School of Painting. He mentions also his great uncle, Archie Leach, better known as Cary Grant. His father’s family roots are cloaked in secrecy and Knuttel considers himself to be Irish or more specifically, a Dubliner. Initially renowned for his large wooden mechanical animated sculptures, Knuttel has more recently emerged as a painter with a rapidly growing international reputation. He is represented in many important collections in Europe and the USA as well as many public collections in Ireland. He is a prolific worker, spending up to 15 hours in his studio every day. His lifestyle could be considered eccentric and in recent years he has become reclusive and attaches great importance to his private life..




Newbridge Silverware

For 70 years, Newbridge Silverware has designed and produced homeware products, continuously innovating and producing items that are relevant to the lifestyles of each new generation of customers. The unique history of the company provides a wealth of tradition craftsmanship and experience, while a contemporary and fresh attitude to marketing and design puts Newbridge Silverware on the cutting edge of modern living.




Ogham Wishes

Ogham writing is Ireland’s Ancient script, often found inscribed on standing stones and in sacred places throughout Ireland’s rural landscape. The Ogham Alphabet is the earliest known form of Irish writing. It dates from the 1st century B.C. and was widely used by the Celts for centuries.  Ancient Ogham writing can still be found on many standing stones throughout Ireland. Ogham is read from bottom to top.




Thomas Ferguson Irish Linen

The COMPANY bears the name of its founder, Thomas Ferguson and has been offering quality Irish linen to customers since 1854. Today there are still a few weavers weaving plain linens for apparel, but Thomas Ferguson is the only Irish linen damask weaver still remaining in the whole of Ireland weaving traditional Irish damask linen goods.




Tipperary Crystal

Tipperary Crystal is an Irish design legend, and has become synonymous with high-end designs and excellent quality, creating modern and classical collections in Irish crystal and many other products.  The company was founded by master craftsmen Joe Foley and John Meagher to great acclaim, and during the 1980s they established a team of craft workers and designers who are uncompromising in their commitment to superb design.