Flight Simulator Experience - 2 hr B737- 800NG Shannon

Flight Simulator Experience - 2 hr B737- 800NG Shannon

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This flight is an amazing opportunity to find out what is really involved in flying a large jet with time for some of the more rigorous flying challenges.

The session starts with a 15 min pre-flight briefing covering flight basics and the layout in the cockpit.

After your first take off (well-done Captain!) you will learn basic manoeuvres such as turning, climbing and descending.

You will complete 30 minutes training circuits including 3 takeoffs and landings at Shannon Airport 

Now you have the feel of the aircraft, it's time for a short line flight from Dublin to Shannon. 

Real world checklists and procedures are used to complete the flight, with navigation and autopilot systems explained along the way.

As you get closer to the destination the workload is increasing and you might feel the pressure!

Using the Instrument Landing System you line up for the runway.

You have 180 passengers on board; can you use your skill and judgment to land this 60-ton airliner safely?

Passengers disembarked safely… Its time for some fun with challenging landings into tricky airports!

A snowy approach over the Alps into Innsbruck in Austria. Experience a zero visibility landing with the help of the autopilot system.

Use your skill and judgment to land in crosswind conditions, and then finish with a beach landing into the famous St Maarten 

The B 737 NG flight simulator is constructed using the cockpit section of a real aircraft that was in service for over 30 years, the flight deck features many original Boeing parts such as the control columns and throttle which add to the incredible realism of this unforgettable experience.

You can even invite a guest to share the flying or just sit back and watch you fly. (Suitable for all ages)

Location: Shannon, Co. Clare

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