St Patrick's Day Gifts

St Patrick's Day Gifts

What better way to complete their St. Patricks day than by sending them a real taste of home. We have a wide range of St.Patricks day presents and hampers perfect for surprising your loved ones all around the world.

Send your St. Patricks day gift all the way from Ireland and share the joyous day with loved ones as they feast on familiar Irish products such as Tayto crisps, Barry’s Tea or Butlers Chocolates.

Treat your loved ones and friends abroad this Paddy’s Day and send a piece of home abroad via our beautiful selection of Irish hampers and Fine Irish Whiskeys.

Send them the Irish Breakfast Hamper and treat them to the full works on St Patricks Day morning; with Kerrygold Butter Irish Pudding and Sausages.

For a gift that will last a little longer take a look at the Bog Buddies collection, pieces of turf made into different replicas such as an Irish House or an Irish High Cross. Send the memories flooding back to them from being home in the Irish countryside out on the bog.

Send family and friends worldwide a gift from Ireland this Saint Patrick's Day sure to bring back happy memories of home and join in the celebrations of the day.