Two Day Kite Beginner Surfing Course Experience

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The 2 day beginner course is ideal as an entry into the sport. On the first day you are introduced to kitesurfing and learn the fundamentals behind the sport, how to fly a small trainer kite, set up a kite and bodydragging techniques in the water. All of the necessary equipment is supplied as part of the course.

The 2 day kitesurfing lesson is run very frequently between March and November during the week and at weekends, ideal for a weekend break.

Day One

    • Intro into kitesurfing waterstart theory
    • Wind window wind window to power your kite
    • Site assessment and safety waterstarts
    • Equipment introduction rules of the road
    • Pre flight checks and set up edging and riding upwind theory
    • Launching and landing
    • BodyDragging (Using the power of the kite to 'drag' you through the water! This is where the fun really begins!)
    • Water Relaunch
    • Deep water self rescues (Essential safety measure for worst case scenarios)

Day Two

  • Reinforcing Day 1 skills & theory
  • Bodydrag upwind
  • Waterstart Theory (Getting up on the board & using kite to power away!)
  • Waterstarts and riding downwind
  • Rules of the road 
  • Edging (Using the 'edge' of your board to control your direction & speed) (if you're good enough!) and 
  • Riding upwind theory (Towards the direction the wind is coming from – the learner kitesurfer's Mecca – then you can take off the L plates!)


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    IKO Certification

    Our lesson model is built upon the IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) so you know we are providing internationally recognised, top quality kite surfing training. At the completion of your lesson, you will be given an IKO certification card, which clearly reflects the skill level you have achieved. Your IKO card is recognized at regulated kite spots worldwide.


    • 2 days, 12 hours in total


    • Westport or Belmullet Peninsula


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